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Flag Poles: Interceptors 89" Interceptor Bracket

Flag Poles: Interceptors 89
Flag Poles: Interceptors 89" Interceptor Bracket

Interceptor Brackets strap against a pole to hold a flag out so as not to sag. Good for Auto dealerships and parking lots.

89" Interceptor Bracket designed to display up to a 3 ft. wide banner or flag on side of pole.

Interceptor I76
Poll Hardware Unit Includes
1 - 1" x 89" Pole
2 - Stainless Steel Straps
1 - Pole End Cap
1 - Interceptor Bracket

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Size of Flag for Flag Poles:

Flag Pole Flag   Flag Pole Flag
20' 3'x5' or 4'x6'   25' 4'x6' - 5'x8'
30' 5'x8' - 6'x10'   40-45' 6'x10' - 8'x12'
50' 8'x12' - 10'x15'   60'-65' 10'x15' - 10'x19'
70'-80' 10'x19' - 12'x18'   90'-100' 20'x30' - 30'x60'